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Hello Tony & All, DON'T give these clowns ANY personal info! A number of other people including myself have not only been called by the Shlemiels at this number, but additionally had family members harassed by these clowns. THIS is debt collection, or other third party imposters masquerading as such, trying to INTIMIDATE YOU through fear of legal action (which they conveniently won't reveal--BIG RED FLAG). *****THEY ARE TRYING TO GET YOU TO SEND THEM A "SETTLEMENT" --probably for NOTHING! ***DO***NOT***BE***INTIMIDATED!!!*** ~Remember~: 1. TAKE A BREATH and please, don't stress. You're not alone! While you're relaxing and thinking about what a decent person you are, ask yourself--is there anything you've ever done FINANCIALLY which could possibly result in a RESTRAINING ORDER?! Very rare, the sort of thing a Justice (Judge) might order for someone who constantly sends bad checks (not to do so), etc...there is NO possible application for some random call where the caller WON'T EVEN SPEAK TO THE SPECIFICS OF THE CASE! [what case?!] 2. NEVER give any personal info, Social Security #, bank account, Family/Relatives/Friends info to ANYONE you don't know who doesn't have a bona fide VERIFIABLE public background. 3. Ask IMMEDIATELY for a concrete U.S. Postal Mailing address, and ask the INFORMATION be SENT TO YOU via U.S. Mail. There are certain protections provided by the US Postal Service NOT provided by laudable private delivery services such as UPS, Fed-Ex, etc. concerning hucksters like this. If the info is VAGUE and NON-SPECIFIC, you should probably IGNORE IT! 4. Lawyers do certain things in certain ways. If someone is proceeding against you in a legal matter, that firm or attorney will most likely send you a legal document of some sort RIGHT AWAY--your personal kick in the pants to get a lawyer who can respond in the proper legal fashion. They want everything DOWN ON PAPER! Notarized! They are going to be specific about the matter at hand. THEY ARE NOT VAGUE! They tend to be EXTREMELY DIRECT in proper legal'ese. Any attorney worth his/her volume in air can parse these things for you--GET IT IN WRITING. 5. Someone who wants YOU to CALL THEM most likely has issues personally, and no issues legally. IF IT IS EXTRAORDINARILY IMPORTANT, they will contact you with ALL of the relevant info--IN WRITING! No games, NO VAGUENESS. 6. Let's be honest, most of us here and on other sites regarding this number 2108921235 have NO ISSUES that we are aware of at least. Does it make sense to BLINDSIDE SOMEONE with the threat of ~ unstated legal action ~, refusing to describe the supposed specific matter at hand? ONLY IF YOU'RE TRYING TO HORNSWAGGLE AN HONEST PERSON INTO DIVULGING PERSONAL INFO TO FLEECE THEM! What legal entity in it's correct frame of mind refuses to divulge the facts of a REAL CASE?! NONE! None with any kind of STANDING at least. CONSIDER THE SOURCE. 7. "Standing" is a legal term. It refers to parties who have a right to a claim--as opposed to unrelated third parties. I highly recommend consulting a private attorney or an online/hardcopy legal dictionary. Even if you did commit some financial blunder, random vagueness is not the way to go. Plenty of people have "Ghost Debts" which constitute random fees tacked on by credit card companies, questionable debts unpaid by their own insurance carriers, or other corporate or other entities when folks like us do innocent things like close accounts. Third parties who purchase contracts to collect are in questionable legal waters--again, if in doubt consult a competent attorney or bum on down to the local law library for some help. 8. Contacting YOUR friends, relative and employers and suggesting you are subject to legal action is harassment in many states, not to mention Slander or Defamation (depending upon whether written or spoken). ESPECIALLY IF IT AIN'T TRUE! If you have received or recorded messages threatening action, CONTACT THE STATE FROM WHICH THE CALL WAS MADE. I also recommend contacting the originating state's State and National Congresspeople and Senators with your concerns, not to mention the Better Business Bureau of that state. Couldn't hurt to contact congresspeople in your own district to complain. Good honest complaints reach out, touch one another, and help form a web allowing law enforcement to snare fly-by-night tricksters. DO IT! 9. Consider the reason for having YOU call THEM. Most of us (me included) are initially are curious enough to call back. Something tells me THESE PEOPLE CAN'T CALL YOU DIRECTLY. There may be a very good legal reason for that. Either s/he has been in serious legal trouble, or s/he's "phishing" for information. If you aren't familiar with the term "phishing", DO look it up. Mosat likely they have NO STANDING (just a guess!) which is why they are having US CALL THEM! Trust me, the main harrassor will probably not call you back. 10. If you DO have some sort of debt, it couldn't hurt to sort it out with a trusted family attorney or some help at the local public Law Library. Sort that stuff out, at the very least to get your own life on track. Stay STRONG Folks!
Caller Company: National Legal Services
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